Ireland’s Visit from Brass on the Mind

Last night the band had a break from it’s normal pre-contest preparations, as we welcomed the inspiring Tabby Kerwin into the bandroom to talk to us.

After a busy weekend at the NEMBBA contest, where we didn’t quite get the performance we would have liked, doing something a little bit different has given the band a rest and renewed the determination amongst players.

Tabby spent the evening discussing and addressing mental health (good and bad) both in and out of a band setting, and was also able to spend some time with us on related matters such as anxiety, nerves and how to approach and deal with these. There was plenty of opportunity for players to be involved and offer their input and thoughts on the bands performance and playing.

It really was an inspirational evening with loads of great feedback from players who felt it was a very worthwhile evening.

Tabby has recently spent time with AoBBA discussing mental health in brass bands, and has written a number of articles in the brass band press about the subject, and we were grateful for her time and input tonight.

To any band considering getting Tabby along to discuss mental health & brass on the mind matters we at Ireland would strongly recommend you book her sooner rather than later as we have no doubt she will be in great demand.