Cory (virtually) Comes to Chesterfield

Saturday 27th March 2021 saw the premier of the band’s first ever virtual performance where they took part in the Kapitol Cory Band Online Championships.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bands haven’t been able to meet for rehearsals or performances in over a year. This has also meant that the annual Area Contest, which takes place nationally up and down the country in March, has not been able to go ahead. This is where Cory Band came to the rescue!

Throughout March as a replacement for the Area Contest, the Cory Band hosted an online competition live on their YouTube channel where pre-submitted video performances were premiered. Bands submitted a video entry in which players would record their parts at home and stitch them together to make a full performance, with one of the entry requirements being that you must follow the restrictions in your area at the time of recording.

You can watch ICCBB’s performance and read the judges comments below. 

Judge’s Comments

Sion Rhys Jones

Yeah, as they said in their introducion – a first attempt at making these kinds of videos and it’s also quite a daunting challenge that first time. Great, great first attempt; or a great first three attempts really. Some good choices of programme. I wasn’t 100% of the order – I might have switched Iron Man and North Country Pastorale around so you have the slower piece in the middle followed by Iron Man which is obviously a bit more up beat. But, you know, it’s up to you what order you play it in. I thought the ensemble could have been a little tighter at times. You know, starting notes together, ending notes together, things like that. But again, small points. I thought the soloists, Alex and Bronwen, both were really good. I would have liked to hear more of them personally – just put them up in the mix potentially. Great sounds from the euphonium player Bronwen in particular, I thought. And then going beyond that, I just want to say from the video itself – I’ve just finished watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe from start to finish (I’m a massive comic book nerd) so it was great to see Iron Man back on screen. And in the third piece they had dogs on the screen and I’m obsessed with dogs, so thank you very much.

Philip Harper

Managed to tick two of Sion’s boxes there – Iron Man and Dogs. There we are. Well Steve, let’s move to you. I mean, we were given a kind of a history lesson on Chesterfield in that first item, weren’t we? We’d heard everything about the leper colony to the plague village and to even the cucumber straighteners. So, what did you think of all of their extra musical elements that they added in because there was a lot in there, wasn’t there?

Steve Jones

There was. Well, first of all I’ve got a fascination with the spire of Chesterfield – it’s absolutely bizarre isn’t it? It’s a unique selling point that Chesterfield have got there. It’s really, really good to see that in the video. It was a good opening, I thought. It was a dramatic start, balanced band sounds. It was a nice intro – it gave us a slice of Chesterfield I thought. Yeah, really good. And nothing too overdone, nothing too overstated so it was a nice little opener. Like Sion said, I would personally have swapped the second and third piece around to give us that bigger ending so to speak. But Iron Man 3 – good to open. Not quite together rhythmically in places. You know, just watch for the end of phrases and come off at the end of bar lines to make it neater and tidier – so don’t overhang. But it was a good effort, I thought. Yeah, a really good effort. Good visuals as well to go with Iron Man 3. And North Country Pastorale – I’d like to have had a lot more dynamic contrast, I think. Just to give it a bit more feeling really, I think. But there were some good points in there – some good Euph. And some lovely views of the North Country there in the video which took you on a little journey which was very nice to see.

Philip Harper

Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, one angle to this contest is the regional element and I think we all fancy a trip to Chesterfield after seeing that, don’t we? Absolutely. So, well, congratulations on your first virtual distanced video performances to the Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Brass Band. You’re getting some real thumbs up in the studio from our judges here so good luck with the competition and thank you very much indeed for supporting the Kapitol Cory Online Brass Band Championships.